Olympus is an innovative program for young artists and designers who completed art, architecture, design, performance, and dance studies; people seeking a flexible, singular platform to develop, expand, and refine their creative work. The approach blends various tools, techniques, and vocabularies designed to expand fields of action and help to develop and refine the creators creative vision. We aim to create an innovative, creative learning experience, supporting creators in their journey to find and boldly pave their way in the world with curiosity, agility, and responsiveness.



Tal Alperstein Interior

“Being Space Itself”

exhibition curator and designer

The dreams and the things that make up our most private space, our apartment, are the focus of the exhibition Interior. Over the past three years the artist Tal Alperstein has been conducting an ongoing exploration into the way in which our living environs are designed. In her apartment she set up a laboratory of sorts staging different types of apartments. She used her camera to document the sense of time and distinct character created by each space, the way in which individual rooms behave, and the subtle choreography of the actions that take place in tandem in separate spaces. The result is a trilogy of short films, featured in the exhibition, which offer a poetic reading of the fantasies, emotions and constraints that compose our living environments.

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אל הים الأيام Alayam
מאי עומר  ماي عمر Mai Omer

exhibition curator

We are looking at a documentation of the Menashiya neighborhood as it was filmed by the poet and landscape architect Ayin Hillel (Hillel Omer) moments before its last remaining residents were evacuated in favor of the Charles Clore Park. Designed by Hillel, the park is documented fifty years later by his granddaughter Mai Omer.

In Hillel’s documentation the pleasing and naïve images show a lively and happy place a moment before it vanishes – alleys and streets, houses, birds, people strolling at leisure on the shore. Winter, rain and a blue-black sea.

Haaretz hebrew edition/1
Haaretz English edition
Haaretz hebrew edition/2

action function                 27.1.22

curator: maayan mozes

Action Function features a group of artists presenting their concepts and ongoing research projects through short performances.

Tal Gafni will fold a flat basketball court into a three-dimensional structure, examining which historical and mythical spaces can be conjured when a ball and a court come together. Mai Aylon will share her search of Agave throughout Israel, presenting her attempts to join the enormous plant's invisible parts and monitor its ability to spread in hidden places. Tal Alperstein will present a lecture that encodes artwork into words and sounds, inspired by artists Kandinsky and Jodorowsky's thoughts and her personal experience with encoding. Rotem Volk will present a two-group performance inspired by artist Yoko Ono's work, Yes. Volk created the project for the Amphi's partitioned space. Shani Tamari Matan will perform a solo dance investigating the Unison, featuring dancers performing the same movements simultaneously in equal intervals. Naama Bar-Or will present her study of fashion house Balenciaga, exploring how the company's images transition into other content worlds. (Director: Li Lorian)